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PRETZELS V.S SRA. Ausia event I

The PCP and SRA practice battled to make Ausia events better. Now I am writing about this because the SRA Asia leader went into “temp” retirement. The sizes weren’t good but bad sizes means good tactics.

Both armies started out at the town. The Pretzels did a chat bar line and the SRA did a sort of slanted line. After a few emotes the pretzels switched formations to make a line going up and down the town. The SRA stayed in there formation. Then a few more emotes they moved to the forts. yY7YllW

First the pretzels did a perfect slanted line and SRA grouped near the top. After about 2 tactics the SRA J bombed them then moved to the fort with the red flag. The Pretzels staid in there formation but did awesome with the emotes. Both armies did a few other emotes until the SRA admitted defeat.


After the armies logged off the SRA made a post on the event saying this.

Hey Shadows, for an ausia event, we didn’t do too bad, although we did lose, it’s not about winning!  We maxed 5 with an average of 4!  Read for pics.

Then the pretzels posted saying this.

Hello Pretzels,

Today we had an Ausia PB with SRA, It was a good battle and tactics were great the whole event, but I was a little disappointed in our size. Overall we had a great event today, and we beat SRA.

Here are the stats of the battle.





Both armies really want to expand with there Asia size but with the SRA leader going into hibernation this may be hard. I believe though the Pretzels can expand greatly. I mean who dissent like pretzels…

What do YOU think? Did the Pretzels win the battle? Will both armies get better at AUSIA? Will they face off another time? Let us know in the comments below!



SHERBET, SM Army Press Headquarters – As some of you already know, every Thursday of this Summer we are offering 50 xats to anyone in the community. There is a different challenge each week this summer. This time, it’s the Great SMAP Space Race.

Forty-six years ago, the United States of America supposedly launched the first ever Apollo 11 mission to land astronauts on the moon. This event took place during the USSR/USA Cold War and was coined the “Great Space Race.”

In tribute to that race, we are now giving you all a chance to win a few easy XAT’s by competing in the fun SMAP Space Race. This race is in the format of a series of challenges. After finishing each challenge you will receive a number. Add up all four numbers to get the answer and the first person to get the answer would win.


Challenge 1: Basic Mathematics 

40 + 65 / 9 x 0 + 12

*/ means division*

Challenge 2: Counting Pages

To solve this challenge you must go to the SM Army Press Events Page. How many events did SM Army Press hold before the Dark Bandits won their first tournament event?

Challenge 3: Page Search

Check the following three SM Army Press pages. On one of the pages, there is a number written by me in the comments section with three exclamation marks. Look at the SM Army Press Guide Book PageSM Army Press Legends Page and SM Army Press Inform Us Page

Challenge 4: Code

Read the sentence and add all the letters together. A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4 etc. Here is the sentence = SMAP is the best.


This is the form that you need to comment with. The first person to comment a post with this form correctly will win the 50 xats!

XAT Name/ID:

Challenge 1 Number:

Challenge 2 Number:

Challenge 3 Number:

Challenge 4 Number:

Total Number Score: 

Good luck to everyone participating in this contest! 

Zing King To

SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer

CP Army Central Editor-in-Chief


The IW declared war on WV. Andrew said that the water vikings have been flooding chat and multilogging. Also constant trash talking of IW. IW also say that it’s what they are suppose to do. I think andrew is a punk going against a SMAP army. This war will not do anything to IW besides gaining a few servers. It should only count a few points in the top10.

There is another reason they are going into war. WV been getting IW mods and members for a leader rank. Josua, IW 3IC, wrote this post on there website.

It’s Pathetic.

You all got offered high ranks and followed that way. Then you say you’re loyal. I don’t think you understand the true meaning of loyalty. Those who stayed, prepare for great rewards. Sad how you left an army who gets 50+ for one who gets 10, led by a cocky egotistical leader, or that’s what he calls himself. IW is the best and always will be.

– Joshua, IW 3ic.



– Furious, IW 3ic.

Then a CPAC worker interviewed Andrew. BTW: I have no idea why my font is blue.

Goblin: What was the biggest spark that caused IW to declare war?

Andrew24: They have been literally begging for war on their main chat. So I gave them a favor and declared war myself. 

Goblin: How do you feel about the current state of IW leading into the war?

Andrew24: It only took a few days for us to completely rebuild, it was very easy actually with all of these veterans gone. Our size has been rivaling both RPF and DW these last few days and I’m almost positive we’ll be soaring past them in the next few days. I feel very positive, as does every other Ice Warrior in the army. 

Goblin: How long do you expect this war to last, and how do you predict it will end?

Andrew24: It’ll only take a few days to take their servers, as far as im aware they only own 2 servers. Them dying will be the end result in this war. 

Goblin: Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

Andrew24: Good luck Fever20 

As you can see Andrew has great confidence in this war.

War goes on between ACP, NCP, and RPF

Recently there has been a war going on between ACP, NCP and RPF who joined the war 2 days after it started. This war started with the CPAC server draft. All armies want to raid servers to get them. The ACP and NCP lost 3 servers so far in this war. RPF haven’t lost any. Though the RPF is in this war it is mostly about the nachos and ACP. RPF raids have mostly been ignored in the battle. Now we’re going to go to the raids between the NCP and ACP.

First is the invasion of Brumby. Here are the pictures.cotfpjt.


In this battle itlooks like the nachos got 10-15 and ACP 20-25. The nachos admitted defeat on this server. The ACP just gained another server. Now it is 1-0 ACP.

The next battle was an invasion of Whitehouse. Here are some pictures from event but I do not know who is attacking or defending.1b1a

The nachos got sizes of of 15-20. The ACP got sizes of 10-15. Both armies had good tactics. The Nachos won this battle making it 1-1.

The next battle was the invasion of whiteout. Here are the pictures from the event.2b2b 2a

Again amazing tactics from both armies. In sizes the nachos got 10-15 and the ACP got 15-20. ACP wins this battle making it 2-1 ACP!

The next battle was an invasion of blizzard. It is the nachos main capital so they had to protect it. Here are some pictures from the battle.


Again the tactics were amazing. Both armies had the same size so this battle will be a tie. 2-1 ACP!

Next was the invasion of iceberg. Only the nachos showed up because the ACP had to defend there main capital from the ACP. Here are some pictures from the battle.


The nachos got 10-15 gaining the server.





I am getting this from CPAC. CPAC can say no to this post in the comments.

As the Legends Cup VI draws ever closer, we see an army reclaim the top spot as well as two new entries to the Top Ten, one of which makes its first ever appearance.

1. Dark Warriors [+3] [91.33]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] [84.60]

3. Doritos [+0] [81.90]

4. Light Troops [+1] [80.80]

5. Army of CP [+2] [73.14]

6. Ice Warriors [-4] [70.78]

7. Nachos [-1] [69.06]

8. Snow Ninjas [+0] [59.48]

9. Pretzels [NEW!] [57.53]

10. Nachos SS [NEW!] [56.39]

To see the full statistics, click here.

For those close to the Top Ten, check out our partner SM Army Press.


1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors commenced their very active week with a US battle against the Ice Warriors while reaching sizes of 48, and then they reached sizes of 45 at a US training session. The army then patrolled Frosty with sizes of 51. The Dark Warriors reached sizes of 50+ at a US battle against the PR, then maxed and averaged 45 at a US U-lead. The Dark Warriors then maxed and averaged around 40+ at a US battle against the Ice Warriors and then reached sizes of 42 at a US battle against the Ice Warriors to conclude the week.


2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation began their active week with a US invasion of Ice Box from the Light Troops with sizes of 50, and then the RPF maxed and averaged 50 at a US battle against the Ice Warriors. The RPF then had a US battle against the Snow Ninjas with sizes of 45, and then invaded the Light Troops army’s co capital, Northern lights, in a US invasion with sizes of 40. During the week, the RPF declared war on the Nachos and the Army of Club Penguin due to claims of being “evil”. The Rebel Penguin Federation concluded the week with a 3-way battle between the Light Troops, Nachos, and ACP whilst maxing and averaging 45.


3. Doritos: The Doritos of CP began their eventful week with sizes of 33 at a UK battle against the ACP, and then maxed 25 and averaged 24 at an unscheduled AUSIA raid of Frosty. The army then had a US training session where they reached sizes of over 40, and then held a US battle against the Nachos while maxing and averaging 40+.The Doritos then maxed 31 and averaged 30 at an unscheduled AUSIA training session, then reached sizes of around 35+ at a US training session to conclude the week.

4. Light Troops: The Light Troops began their busy week with a US raid against the Dark Warriors and the Ice Warriors whilst maxing and averaging around 40+, and then reached sizes of 38+ at a US battle against the Nachos. The Light Troops then maxed 42+ at a US battle against the RPF. The Light Troops maxed and averaged around 40+ at a US battle against the Nachos and the ACP, and then ended their week with a US battle against the RPF whilst maxing around 45+.


5. Army of CP: The ACP had a very eventful week, beginning with a US training session in which the army maxed and averaged 30, and then reached those same sizes at another US training session. The army maxed 33+ in a raid of Fjord against the Nachos army, and then reached sizes of 30 whilst engaging in a US battle with the Doritos of CP. The ACP and the Nachos had an AUSIA battle for Avalanche with the ACP maxing and averaging around 20+, then the ACP reached sizes of 30 at a US/UK defense of Breeze against the Nachos to end the week.


6. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors began their busy week with a US battle against the Dark Warriors while maxing 40 and averaging 35, and then the army held a US training session with a max of 32 and an average of 28. The Ice Warriors then maxed and averaged 28 and 25 (respectively) at a UK training session, and then a max of 27 and average of 25 was reached at a US training session. The army then had a US battle against the Doritos of CP while maxing 27 and averaging 25, then maxed 22 and averaged 19 at a US training session. A practice battle was held between the IW and DW as the latter maxed 30 and averaged 25, and then the Ice Warriors held a UK training session where they maxed 33 and averaged 30 to end their week.


7. Nachos: The Nacho Army started this week off with a Matterhorn Fiesta with a size of 26 on chat. The army then had a more disappointing event on the 7th July only managing to get 14 troops online in a Fjord Training Session. July 8th saw the Nacho Army face the Light Troops in a practice battle with a maximum size of 23. It was then up to the Nacho’s AUSIA Division to take the spotlight maxing a size of 9 in a training session. They then held a U-Lead session with an impressive max of 29. A raid of White House then took place on the 9th with a size of 27. The Nacho’s then faced the ACP in their invasion of Snow Fort with a size of 27 winning the server. The Nacho’s AUSIA Division then received an amazing max of 22 soldiers in an Invasion of Avalanche taking the server from the ACP. The Nacho Army then successfully claimed Breeze from the ACP to end their week.

8. Snow Ninjas: The Snow Ninjas started their week with an unscheduled AUSIA Training Session with a max of 9. They then held a UK Scheduled Training with a size of 16 troops. The army then held a US Birthday Party for Christohper1 in which they maxed 11. Snow Ninja’s AUSIA then decided to raid the Army Republic’s capital of Toboggan and got a size of 10. The army then held a battle with the RPF in which they got 24 people online but had trouble with bots which halted the event. In a UK Training, the army maxed 24 once again but drastically fell to only maxing 10 in a training session on Klondike. July 11th saw the army host an AUSIA Event with a max of 13. The army then also held a UK Training Event to end their week with a max of 17.


9. Pretzels: The Pretzels began their week with a size of 13 in their US Division. The next day, the army got a max of 9 in their AUSIA Division. They then held another training session in the US Division with a size of 19. It was time for the UK Division to step up then as the Pretzels managed to get a size of 20 online. On the 8th July, Pretzels had a mix event of the US and UK troops getting 16 people on for a PB with the Water Vikings. On July 10th, the army maxed 11 in a UK Training Session. To end the week, the army held another Training Session with a size of 23.

10. Nachos SS: The Nacho SS kicked off their week with an unscheduled warm up maxing 12. The next day, the Nacho SS logged on to Shiver for a UK event reaching a  max size of 11. Following their event, the Nacho SS declared war on the ACP.  Later in the week, the Nachos logged on for a successful patrol reaching around 17. To end their week, the Nacho SS logged on to defend their server however they were met with no opposition with a size of 12.



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This weeks poll asked our viewers to vote on which member of our upper staff was your personal favorite. With 66 votes, or over 40% of the total vote, Mach came in first place. In second was Albaro with 39 votes, or nearly 24% of the total vote. In a tie for third we see Zak and Lorenzo with 29 votes each, or nearly 18% of the total vote each.


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